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How to remove your personal information from ZabaSearch™

Posted Sept 30, 2006
8:43 a.m. EST

By Mark Davenport

Please note that this information is current and assumed to be correct as of the date of this publication.   ZabaSearch™ certainly can revise their instructions on how to delete and or revise one's personal information at any time.

Buried within the ZabaSearch™ website, you can find a form where you can enter an e-mail address.  After entering your e-mail address, they will auto-reply with instructions on how to edit or delete your listing in their search engine.  We have provided the contents of this auto-reply below for your convenience.  If you would prefer to get the latest information from them, we have also provided a text based link to their form page below.

Text link to form to enter your e-mail address:

Contents of the e-mail auto-reply with instructions on how to edit or delete your listing:
(emphasis in bold added by us)

"We received your request. The following is the fastest way to create,
edit or delete your records in ZabaSearch. ZabaTools allow you to take
control of the information available about you or to manage how you
allow others to communicate with you. You can create, edit, delete your
record or add a ZabaLink all for free.

Why create a record? If you don't exist in ZabaSearch and would like
to be included.

Why edit a record? If you are in ZabaSearch, but would like to update
your information. Or, add your e-mail address or your web site URL to
your record.

Why delete a record?** If you want to remove your address and/or
telephone number

Add a free ZabaLink! Instead of deleting a record, consider replacing
your address and/or telephone number with a ZabaLink*.

**If someone finds and clicks your ZabaLink (placed where your address
or telephone number was), they will come to an e-mail form that will
allow them to send a message to you without knowing your e-mail address,
where you are, or if you ever even received the message. You can
either respond, ignore, or send back a non-delivery notice. ZabaLinks
empower you to control how people can communicate with you on the Internet.
You can be found, only if you want to be on a person by person basis.
And, ZabaLinks are free!

In order to create, edit, delete your record and/or to add a ZabaLink,
all for free, you must make that request in writing and mail it to:
ZabaTools, 2828 Cochran St., #397, Simi Valley, CA 93065. Receiving
requests by mail allows us to verify and process requests quickly. Records
created, edited and ZabaLinks added may take up to several weeks to
appear in ZabaSearch. Records requested to be deleted are typically
processed the next business day after receiving the request. You will be
notified by e-mail when you request enters our system and then once more
when the requested records have been adjusted. Please specify if you
want to create, edit, delete a record and/or add a free ZabaLink, e-mail
address or url to your record. If you add a free ZabaLink, please
include the e-mail address where you would like messages blindly forwarded
to from your ZabaLink.

In order to fill your request your letter must contain the following
information to insure we create, edit or delete the correct records.
After you confirm by e-mail that we processed your request, your letter
and the information you provided in it will be shredded. You will have
created a record for yourself just as you like it and will be eventually
given online tools to adjust your information as you like live in
ZabaSearch 24/7.

1. E-mail address
2. Full name including middle initial
3. Address of the record you wish to create, edit or delete
4. Phone number you wish to have removed
5. Year of birth.
6. Specify if you are requesting to create, edit or delete a record or
if you want to add a ZabaLink or URL to your
7. Sign and date your request

In our experience, it can take more than 60 days for the listing to be removed.



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