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Lost or Missing System Tools Folder
From The Start Menu In Windows XP

Posted July 2, 2003
8:00 a.m. EST

By Mark Davenport

This is a quick, down and dirty fix for the missing System Folder in Windows XP. We have been encountering this problem more and more. Without going into great detail about what might have caused the loss of this folder, (including being accidentally deleted by the user) we'll just post a fix and let someone else deal with the why.

If you have searched your hard drive high and low for the
All Programs | Accessories | System Tools folder, and are not able to locate it, don't despair, just create another folder with the name System Tools in the following location on your system:

\Documents and Settings\USER\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories

Then download and place the contents of the zip folder into your System Tools folder.


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